CTR (1)

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  • CustomTrackedRide
    A CTR is a mixture of one or more track(s) (e.g. the Corkscrewtrack) and one or more car(s) (e.g. the Wild-Mouse-Car) as well as many different setting options.
    To put any car(s) on any track(s), you need the CTR_Creator by Markus Lomberg. You can find it here.
    It's also possible to create your own cars. They're called CTR-Cars. You can see an example of the world's first CTR-Car: Video "Dieters Auto".
    Lately Markus Lomberg managed to create his own track, too: Video "Wildcat in RCT3".

    But the CTR_Creator enables much more than just changing tracks or cars:
    • You can take many different modifications to the characteristics of the coaster. For example, you can choose the launch- and liftchain-speed or you can make the station invisible. Of course these are just some of the countless possibilities the CTR_Creator offers.
    • In certain cases it's possible to combine two or more tracks. You can find examples of working track combinations here.
    • For RCT3 with Addons there are some additional options available.

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