How to install CTRs

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  • == How to install CTRs manually ==

    When downloading a CTR, you can get different types of folders:
    • folders containing a combination of track and car (called track)
    • or folders containing car files
    You'll often get folders of both kinds. So now you have to install the folder(s) like this:
    • car-folder: copy it into .../Atari/RollerCoaster Tycoon 3/Cars/TrackedRideCars.
    • track folder: copy it into .../Atari/Rollercoaster Tycoon 3/tracks/TrackedRides.
    Sometimes you'll only get a car-folder without the track. In this case you have to create the track yourself with the CTR_Creator by Markus Lomberg.

    == Installation by the use of CTR_Creator ==

    You can install CTR's automatically with the CTR_Creator V. 0.75 or higher, too. Get further information reading the appropiate tutorial found here.

    == Installation of Custom Tracks ==

    To install Custom Tracks, you should read the ReadMe-file carefully and follow the instructions. Mostly you have to install it using the CTR_Creator.

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