How to create peeps looking like VIPs, vendors or entertainers

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  • How to create peeps looking like VIPs, vendors or entertainers

    We differentiate the following characters:
    • AF = adult female
    • AM = adult male
    • AK = animal keeper
    • BobW = Bob Waterman
    • CF = child female
    • CM = child male
    • HM = handyman
    • JS = Joe Slugger
    • Popstar = movie star (Cami O)
    • PI = park inspector (Mr. Jobsworth)
    • PD = politican (Clint Bushton)
    • SG = security guard
    • TF = teen female
    • TM = teen male
    • JPOP = pop star (KaraOki)
    • VM = vendor male
    • VF = vendor female
    • Smythe = Major Smythe
    • CG = cowgirl
    • EL = elefant
    • Panda = panda
    • PH = pumpkin head
    • Sharky = shark
    • Tiger = tiger
    • Alien = alien

    So now we want to create a peep looking like one of these charakters:

    1) Create a normal peep in RCT3 and save it.
    2) Open the peep.txt you can find in C:/My Documents/RCT3/Peeps
    3) Change the keyword "Part Head" (e.g. "AM01_Head") to one of the keywords you find above (e.g. "SG01_Head")
    4) Do the same with "Part Body" and "Part Legs"
    5) When using VIPs, vendors, the park inspector or workers you should delete the colour palette to avoid curious textures
    6) Save it, ready.

    • consequences in swimming pools are not yet investigated
    • consequences to rides: some character-types can't sit
    • it's possible to combine two or more characters
    • textures are not yet investigated
    • they haven't all been checked, but "AK, SG, PI, PD, JPOP, Panda" worked as well as all characters including "Male" or "Female"

    This tutorial and all the research was originally done by Samplerocker. Translated by Fogel.

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