Question about finding custom textures for rct3 scenery

  • Hi. I wondering if anyone here that has created custom scenery for rct3 here in the past if you remember how you found your textures for your objects. I know a lot of people find there textures on various websites but some have said that if there isn't a texture that doesn't exist for your object, then you have to make it yourself, (which I heard is harder). I'm not an artist but I really wanna find textures for custom peep animatronic scenery that I'm making but don't know where to look. If anyone could help me/give my advice, it would be greatly appreciated!


  • Most of the textures for my custom contents are based on pictures from the internet or on photos I made myself. Then I had to modify and optimize the textures to fit nicely on the 3D meshes, which includes a lot of repeats with try-and-error.