Does anyone have the following?

  • I am looking for the following scenery/ctr's since the links are dead/invalid.

    CityJK's electric set

    Markus Greenery



    Black hole


    Hyperspeed shuttle

    Mario kart


    S&S thrust air

    Space mountain hong kong

    Time cruiser

    Vekoma MK-1212

    If anyone could share these links/upload these files, it would make me happy!

  • Yes. I did multiple searches in your download database and nothing came up unfortunately. :( I did find the JK set so that's the good news, however, I am still looking for markus greenery which used to be hosted at but the link is invalid now. As for the ctr's by Scoaster, I have 4 of them but 9 of them are still missing and I'm afraid they might be gone forever. I can you show screenshots.

  • We stopped running some time ago, so the old links no longer work.

    Unfortunately, we have no influence on websites that still refer to old links.