XML --> FRW converter, Somebody who could help me?

  • So around 8 years ago I started experimenting with something which turned out to one of my biggest projects ever: A remake of Efteling's fountainshow "Aquanura" in RCT3 as precise as possible. There are/were a lot of different aspects to this project. Like the layout of the fountains with firework launchers created with CSO, the entire area around the like creating with CSO objects and mix of foliage to create the Efteling feeling around it, and most importantly the show itself using AdvancedFireworkEditor to create all the particle effects for the fountains, and putting it together sing MixMaster where I use CFRs to apply animation to certain fountains.

    Now because I want to recreate the show is precisely as possible, creating the fountains themselves comes along with a lot of complex work to apply the right color schemes to the fountain effects. All this has to be done by one by one adjusting time values and dragging boxes with certain color settings in the AdvancedFireworkEditor. This proces has become so much time consuming and complex that around 2 a 3 years ago, I lost all motivation and inspiration (in combination with everything from the RCT3 community falling apart).

    A little time ago I decided that I probably wouldnt finish it anyway, so I uploaded videos of all the scenes in the state as they are now, just to show how far I've come and mentally I've given up a bit on finishing it.

    Full playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playli…LZM3xua83SWoUKC5n7gOhH5-V

    Full project history: https://www.shyguysworld.com/index.php?topic=11788.0

    Now personally, It still bothers me a bit that I have never finished it because I've put so much effort in it. So I'm investigating one last option to give me a boost of motivation and finding a way to make creating the show much easier for me.

    Now the problem is that in the AdvancedFireworkEditor, I've to adjust everything by hand one by one. But I could calculate everything what I have to adjust based on timing data en color data (which i can easily get for myself). So the idea what I had is that instead of adjusting the effects ingame, I could somehow let the effects automatically generate to obtain certain effects for a specific moment in the show.


    Now an particle effect (.frw-file) is build up like a tree structure with parent-child relations, and every point in this structure has its own data. In the picture shown above you see a bit of such an particle effect with a tree structure.

    Now I would have the possibilities and knowledge to generate xml files which describes such tree structures with all the data for each point, and let that data be determined by calculations based on input values and output I want.

    The only problem is that I've absolutely 0 knowledge in how this can be turned into the file format of .frw files so it can be used in RCT3.

    This is were I ask for someone's help. If there is someone who could help me with creating a program which can convert such an xml file with certain described data to a .frw-file so i have the particle effects I need ingame, I can do things much more easily and time-efficient, so I could get the motivation again to finish this big project and finish it sooner as well.

    Is there someone who could help me?