Does anyone have the following custom scenery sets? (Rct3)

  • Hi! I've looked everywhere for the following sets and all of the links have gone invalid. I've already checked the mega pack on the site here and did not find what I wanted. The custom scenery sets I'm looking for are:

    KS silver design workshop sets (Werkstatt)

    Dave841 raptor crate set

    Max DC Resurection

    KFredjes Egypt Extended

    Mister Twister's sky tower set

    If anyone here who still plays rct3 or still has there style themed folder and can look through it and see if they any of the following sets, it would make me really happy! It's really disappointing that all these have gone invalid.

  • No, I'm sorry. If I had the sets, I would have given them to you. I assume that the other people don't have the CSOs either.

    It's fine. It's just frustrating that more of these sets are being lost to time and becoming harder to find. Thanks for replying. :)