RCT3 Dynamic Lighting and Light animations? (Cap'n Pogo's Strobes & Lights)

  • So I stumbled on this set: Cap'n Pogo's Strobes & Lights: https://parkcrafters.com/files/file/1088-strobes-lights-2/

    This is basically a light set, which has light animations baked into them. such as strobes, fading and flickering effects. In addition, they can be used as a Ride event as well.
    I had no clue this was even possible in RCT3, and I've no idea how this could be done with the RCT3 Importer. anyone know how this is done?


    Edit: I may know how it is done, it's probably an animation where he used scaling. But now my question. How do you apply a scale animation. As far as I'm aware, that was not possible with blender and modxml.

    Edit2: It's not entirely a scale animation. There is a scale component for the fade-in and fade-out or the strobo-effect. But the smooth transition between the 3 flexicolours is baked into the effect point in a certain way.

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